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At the Pass

Welcome to At the Pass, a look at the Cleveland restaurant scene through the eyes, ears and taste buds of two Cleveland restaurant professionals.  The pass is the part of the restaurant that connects the front and the back of the house.  It is where the culinary creation of the chef is handed off to the service professional at the front of the house, and then on to you the diner.

The relationship of the pass is a tenuous one.  Often times it can be contentious, with neither the front nor back of the house clearly understanding what the other is going through.  The server or manager may not understand the pressure the chef and his line are under with tons of orders, and blazing hot ovens and grills upping the stress.  On the other hand, the back of the house may not fully realize the delicate balancing act the manager and server have with four or five tables of demanding customers.

It is when the chef (and his crew), and the manager (and his staff) are able to adeptly navigate this dance that the diner is rewarded with a superior dining experience.  As the chef and manager of this blog, we hope this little two step of ours will entertain, inform, provoke or enrage you, and as always your comments are encouraged.

Bon appetite!

About the authors

Monsieur Anton

Anton has worked in the hospitality industry his entire adult life (and that is longer than he would care to admit), in everything from hotels, bars, nightclubs, casual and fine dining restaurants. He has served everyone from presidents to peasants, and often found the peasants more pleasurable.

While Anton can handle himself just well enough in a kitchen to avoid having the chef throw knives at him, his true knowledge is in the front of the house. He knows the intricacies of all levels of service from casually to white glove.

Anton has extensive knowledge in wine, spirits and even beer. Most of this knowledge has been acquired through imbibing in said beverages.

He has dreams of telling everyone to shove off, and opening his own place some day, but in the mean time consoles himself with the perks of eating well, and drinking even better.

Chef Gusteau

Classically French Trained chef, with culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu Schools.  Gusteau has worked at high profile events such as the US Amateurs Golf Open, Taste of Pittsburgh, Chaines des Rotisseurs and several local Cleveland events.  He has cooked at both prestigious hotel restaurants as well as your typical local restaurant.  He continues to help younger chefs perfect their menu selections and presentations.  Gusteau believes that the key to the best food is using only the best ingredients, cooked simply, yet perfectly executed.  Gourmet food is in the execution, not necessarily in the ingredients used.  When it comes to the “Front of the House,” Gusteau believes that no one there truly appreciates what the cook must do in order to create the wonderful food for the guests. Gusteau himself has once worked in the front dining room, and knows his place is in the kitchen!  That said, it is that rare dining room manager that truly understands the kitchen and works to complete the other half of the culinary puzzle.  Anton and Gusteau have been friends for over 12 years.

Mission Statement

Anton and Gusteau seek to utilize the forum of At The Pass to host an online community where culinary and hospitality ideas are explained, critiqued, and shared with foodies across the country.  Anton and Gusteau will offer their review of local restaurants, pubs and bars across the Greater Cleveland area.  At The Pass will become an invaluable resource for understanding food, food trends, and the restaurants in our community.


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Culinary Terms of the Week with Gusteau

Restaurant Reviews

Culinary Trends

Recipe of the Month

You can contact Anton and Gusteau at

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