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At the Pass!

September 21, 2009

Welcome to At the Pass, a look at the Cleveland restaurant scene through the eyes, ears and taste buds of two Cleveland restaurant professionals.  The pass is the part of the restaurant that connects the front and the back of the house.  It is where the culinary creation of the chef is handed off to the service professional at the front of the house, and then on to you the diner.

The relationship of the pass is a tenuous one.  Often times it can be contentious, with neither the front nor back of the house clearly understanding what the other is going through.  The server or manager may not understand the pressure the chef and his line are under with tons of orders, and blazing hot ovens and grills upping the stress.  On the other hand, the back of the house may not fully realize the delicate balancing act the manager and server have with four or five tables of demanding customers.

It is when the chef (and his crew), and the manager (and his staff) are able to adeptly navigate this dance that the diner is rewarded with a superior dining experience.  As the chef and manager of this blog, we hope this little two step of ours will entertain, inform, provoke or enrage you, and as always your comments are encouraged.

Bon appetite!

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